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    About blogreads97:


    Blogreads97 was created for personal insights regarding various genre's of books from Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary, Classic Literature to Taboo, Psychological & Erotic Suspense. And of course to give sufficient knowledge, views and entertainment to all bloggers out there.💋


I'm Chari! (and obviously that's me writing the intro *winks*) I'm twenty-one-year old college graduate of BS-Psychology living in Manila with my mama and a 9 years old extremely lazy Aspin named Boomere!


And to be honest, i am perchance one of the solely book bloggers who do not have any single interest in becoming an author nor writer. In lieu if i'm to be in luck i want to work as a PR of some amazing & brilliant writers out there! (Do i need to mention name? haha hush now lol!)


​My fervor is definitely so much for reading books and encourage others to read a lots and lots.


  Facts 'bout me💋

  • * I discovered my love for reading books at the young age of 12.

  • *My first book that i'd read was Special Delivery by no other than Danielle Steel.

  • *In terms of the book genre that i want to read i am very precise. But of course if i sees it has a lot of recommendation, astounding reviews and interesting blurb even though it isn't my usual book choice i'll take my chances and give it a shot.

  • *Aside from passion for reading i am also a moviebuff! Books. movies and musics are my life/babies and i can't live without that it.

  • *Some of my favorite movies of all time are: Titanic(oh! please give me a break), A Walk to Remember(still book ver. is the best), Marvel films(Captain America, Avengers, X-men, Iron- Man and more..), LOTR, The Hobbit, Wrong Turn, Die Hard, Fast&Furious, The Proposal, HTLAGI10Days, Notting Hill, 50First Dates,Crazy Stupid Love, Sixteen Candles,27 dresses, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Philadelpia Love Story ugh! and more... i must stop now!

  • *My favorite movie genre: Rom-com, Action, Horror, Psychological Thriller,slasher, Melodrama, Musical, Romance, Superhero, War & Disaster film.

  • *I also love to watch old films of 50's-80's.

  • *I am a certified Swifty, Directioner, Mendes Army and Sheerios. 

  • *I love Pop music, country, Indie, Acoustic, Alternative, Rock, Rhythm&Blues, Reggae and Pop rock.

  • *Apparently i eat all foods, but my comfort food is fries, pizza and ice cream or any spicy foods.

  • *Oh! i have a huge crush for Jude Law(how i wish he and Claire Danes end up together since i really love their movie I Love You, I Love You Not!)

  • ​

  • So you guys if ever you wanna know more about me(don't be shy to ask me *winks*) or if you have an query please feel free to poke me or email me. No sweat, i am a chatty-catty human being.

  • ​

  • E-Mail: chadiamags20@gmail.com


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